Taoknitter Arts' New Website!

Thank you to those of you who asked me, "Where the hell is your store?" as many times as you did, and welcome to new friends!

Taoknitter Arts Online Embroidery Store is open once again! This is a one-stop shop for Irish Dance Dress designs; Celtic embroidery designs for wedding dresses, medieval and Renaissance dresses, and all other creative Celtic garments; and even quilting!

Since I am doing this myself, it is a bit slow going, so there is not a lot here at the moment. I thought I would just transfer the designs from from my other site (the one with the web guy that disappeared!), but when I looked at them, I decided I needed to update them. If you want to see the older designs, click here: Taoknitter Arts on Flickr. My newer work can be seen on my Facebook page: Taoknitter Arts. As usual, anything and everything can be revised to suit your needs.

I am also still available for custom designs and digitizing.

SlĂ inte mhath!

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Our library contains hundreds of digitized embroidery designs for use on Irish Dance dresses and waistcoats. They can also be used on any costumes